Here is an online reply from an internet chicken forum about winter egg production written by Dr B (Jess). Quick
answer to the getting eggs in winter- older birds will naturally stop laying eggs in the winter- it is a natural break
for them. If you want eggs during the winter from hens who are over a year old, but otherwise healthy- you need to
artificially light the coop. Also molting birds won't lay- they are putting their energy into growing feathers, and for
some reason- many hens like to go into molt in the fall- so there is a double signal to them not to lay. Commercial egg
laying facilities keep the birds on artificial light cycles so they never see short winter days. Plus they don't have
older birds. This is the only reason people can buy commercially produced eggs during the winter. Most hobby back
yard folks get used to a dramatic winter decrease in egg production, knowing they will pick back up in the spring as
soon as the days start to lengthen again. Mine are starting up again. :) A side note on this--- how Dr B gets eggs
during the winter without artificial light... add about 6 pullets every year- timing it for them to come into lay in the
early fall, so they are already laying strong when the days start to shorten. My older girls do not lay during the
winter. My teenagers do. This is why I have *a bunch* of chickens. This only works if you have space to house an large
aging flock. This winter I got 4-6 eggs daily- pretty much all of which were from my youngest birds. Now we are over
a dozen again, slowly climbing. :) jess