Here are a some useful web sites:

FARAD is a congressionally-mandated risk-management program that is supported by the USDA. The primary mission of FARAD is to
provide science-based expert advice to help mitigate unsafe chemical residues (drugs, pesticides, biotoxins, etc.) in products derived from
food animals. The program is maintained by a consortium of universities, including University of California-Davis, University of Florida,
Kansas State University and North Carolina State University.

The University of California Cooperative Extension poultry website is designed
to help you find information for all of your poultry needs (backyard,
small scale, commercial with information on husbandry, diseases, biosecurity,
food safety and more)
. Visit it at

For those of you in CA that have a sick bird or one that dies unexpectedly, the labs at UC Davis are a great resource.  You can mail a
dead bird or bring it in for necropsy. They will also euthanize a sick bird and do a necropsy. Use STANDARD SUBMISSION FORM.
Effective October 1, 2016, CAHFS will initiate a $20 necropsy fee for BYF cases consisting of 1-2 chickens, turkeys, squabs or
waterfowl from flocks with less than 1,000 .  If you aren't close enough to drive, specimens can be shipped.

American Poultry Association info on respiratory disease in chickens:

Health Problems of Poultry and Game Birds compiled by Terry Smith:

Peter Brown (aka The Chicken Doctor) knows more than many vets when it comes to poultry. He has a free forum and also sells
medications at his online store.

This site has lots of practical info and good articles:

Debi at Heaven Sent Ranch has a fine line of Black Copper Marans is an online farm and vet supply store and they also have locations in Nebraska, Iowa, Oklahoma, Missouri, and
Minnesota.  They offer a poultry specific catalog with over 150 pages of supplies. QC Supply is my preferred source for Denagard
(Tiamutin), a very effective product for respiratory disease in poultry including Mycoplasma. Denagard has zero withdrawal period.  

Here is more info on Denagard and its use with swine. The Poultry pages are being modified and are not available at this time

First State Vet Supply is owned by Peter Brown, aka The Chicken Doctor.  He carries meds for many ailments and is a wealth of

Here is a link to blog by Kathy Shea Mormino, aka The Chicken Chick. Lots of good stuff!

I have been using these for several years. They really work. I find they are more effective if I leave poop in there. Now I only clean
coops 2 times a year, spring (to remve the deep litter from winter) and fall (to prepare for winter).
Normal Cecal Dropping
Normal Dropping
Did you ever see poop like this (on the left) and worry that something
was wrong?  It’s NORMAL!
“ Every couple of days, the cecae empty themselves, resulting in a cecal
dropping, which is sticky, somewhat foamy, and lighter in colour.  These
droppings are very distinct, and completely normal.“

Check out Mike The Chicken Vet's great Blog for more useful info: